CT Distribuzione Calze

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CT International Hosiery Brands Distribution - C.T. Srl

CT Distribuzione (CT srl) is an Italian company specializing in the distribution of hosiery of well renowned international brands. We have exclusive distribution rights for the following hosiery brands in the whole Italian and Russian territory: CAT Caterpillar, GoodYear, Slazenger, Dunlop, Donnay, Hi-Tec, No Fear, Coca Cola, Coca Cola Light, Playboy, Smiley and SmileyWorld hosiery.

Our company stems out of our previous experiences as professionals with years of competence and expertise in the hosiery industry and is now a reference point for b2b hosiery supply.

Our strengths are mainly the big brands we market on an exclusive basis, the quality of the hosiery we trade, our excellent quality/price ratio, our excellent flexibility in the business processes, the possibility to order customized quantities of products and our first-class customer service to provide comprehensive assistance.

We are not Hosiery Retail Distributors, as we only supply wholesalers, organized large-scale retailers and large-scale retailers, and shops specializing in sports and IPDs.

Our lines encompass several areas, such as: sports, daily wear, workwear, young, teens, and kids.

Hosiery Distribution: Our Product Lines

Calze Sport Calze Daily Calze Da lavoro Calze Teen Calze Kids
Calze Slazenger Calze CAT Caterpillar Calze NoFear Calze Smiley World
Calze Dunlop Calze Coca-Cola Calze GoodYear Calze Smiley
Calze Donnay Calze Playboy
Calze Hi-Tec